Some links to other websites. There are not many, only the site's wich have  fireworks labels and / or traditional fireworks as main subject have been mentioned. Do you have a good link tip or do you have a site that deals with old-fashioned fireworks, New Year's nostalgia and / or labels? Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Modern fireworks, product videos, show info, etc can be found on the various fireworks regular sites like:, or Vuurwerkcrew. (Some of these websites are in Dutch or German, mayby not very useful to visit for non dutch visitors).
The first Dutch fireworks museum, website where you can find everything on the dutch classical fireworks area, hundreds of leaflets, dozens of catalogs of Chinese and German fireworks manufacturers and thousands of photo's of vintage consumer fireworks. The site has a forum to chat about everything and anything. 

The site of Francois, the patron of the Dutch firecrackers. Many beautiful pictures of firework items. Francois has little to no time in order to keep the site alive, the last years, little to no update's. That's a pity.


100% label site with labels from the USA, where labels collecting is more a general hobby than in Europe. The firecracker history in the US goes back to the early 1900's, labels of that period are worth a lot of money, all this is taken very professional over there. Our (in holland) consumer firework addiction began just before Worldwar 2, therefore the US label scene is zso much richers than ours.

The site of Marty, nostalgia dude from the first hour. At Marty's site you'll find a lot of consumer fireworks photographs from the 70s and 80s, many photos are a feast for the eyes if you like classic fireworks. Various fragments of sound swings from very year earlier. The movies of the 90s are also very nice.


Digital fireworks museum of our western neighbors, United Kingdom. Many high-res photos of fireworks items and scans of labels. England has a very rich (consumer) fireworks history with various own brands and private labels and artwork style The site is a jumble of links, HTML in 1990, say. Very cluttered, the content is then again very nice. Make sure you visit them.

Germany has a very rich history of consumer fireworks, the fortunes of these can be found on this site. Lots of photos of collectors and old movies from 'bollers' (German for firecracker salutes) and labels. The dividing between East and West Germany has existed for a while, the various pictures of fireworks from that era show very well the difference between the 'two' Germanies. Highly recommended.

In addition to traditional websites nowadays there are other ways to share photos without the hassle of an own site. The photo share site Flickr is a good example. I will mention a few very interesting pages:
Mr Bricklabel, Page of Mr Mike McHenry, very beautiful collection, make sure you visit this page.
Pyrofile, page of Mr. Nan Yang, lit's funny to see that there are zo many fairework labels with dutch instructions for use om it.
Vintagepyro; from Kevin Rath,  mainly firecracker labels from USA origin.
Zeny's  firecracker collection; page with labels but also very niceo photo's from consumer firework products.